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3 delicious salad recipes from the Mediterranean - nutritious treats for a healthy lifestyle

Did you know that iced tea has been popular since 1904? It was used as a thirst quencher for sailors sailing in warm waters. Today, iced tea is one of the most popular summer drinks and we understand that very well, as simple and refreshing as it is!

It’s wonderful to treat yourself to something good in the glass when the sun is shining and the temperature rises, but there is often a lot of sugar and sweets in the summer. Tea Zero is a unique tea that is virtually sugar-free and works brilliantly as an iced tea! In addition, it contains chromium, which contributes to normal combustion and stabilizes blood sugar levels in the body. A stable blood sugar in turn helps to reduce the craving for sweets. This makes Tea Zero a completely unique tea!

Join us and make a refreshing glass of Tea Zero iced tea!

Step 1: Find a portion bag of Tea Zero and pour the powder into a glass.

Step 2: Fill the glass with approx. 2 – 2.5 dl of water based on how strong a peach flavor you want. If you want to make a pint of iced tea, you must use two portion packs.

Step 3: Stir well until the powder dissolves and fill the glass with ice cubes for a more cooling effect!

Step 4: Cut up the desired fruit and add the fruit to the glass of iced tea. Here, only the imagination sets limits on what kind of fruit you can add, but we think the iced tea becomes extra delicious with a few fresh pieces of peach and a lemon slice or two in it.

Step 5: Enjoy a delicious glass of Tea Zero

BONUS! For those who have a little extra time, we can advise that you get a fuller taste of the tea if you first boil the water, stir in the powder and let the tea cool completely. Here it is possible to make larger portions and let the tea cool down in the fridge overnight. Try it out and find out how you like the tea best! 🤩


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